Oppressive Nature

by Pulse Emitter

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Modular Synthesizer, Daryl Groetsch. November 7-15, 2008, Portland, Oregon. Originally released as CD on Digitalis Arts & Crafts Editions in 2009. Cover art by Brad Rose.

"I've been a fan of Daryl Groetsch AKA Pulse Emitter's synthetic concoctions for years now. Hailing from the hotbed of Portland, Oregon, his work is almost unparalleled when it comes to modular synthesizer excursions. "Oppressive Nature" is a 40 minute journey into cities that will soon be lost and overrun to the wilderness. The thematic idea behind the album is nature's inevitable reclamation of the concrete jungles we've constructed and amassed. Where Groetsch truly succeeds on "Oppressive Nature" is creating such an organic landscape with his synth. His work here is highly focused and dialed-in. Through the static and electronic waves something warm and almost triumphant emerges. Heavy saw waves weave a chaotic mass of urban debris, smoothed over by the sine waves of time. Barriers fade away as they consumed by sonic vines that find their way into all these aural cracks. The result is oddly beautiful in an almost post-apocalyptic way. Nature always wins. Limited edition of 500 copies in chipboard gatefolds by Stumptown."


released August 1, 2009


all rights reserved


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