Lava Lamp

by Pulse Emitter

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Originally released as a limited edition C50 cassette on Cylindrical Habitat Modules.

"One of the biggest landmarks in the CHM discography thus far, can barely contain my excitement to be dropping a new tape for Daryl Groetsch's PULSE EMITTER project. One of the most consistently phenomenal and completely underrated artists out there, with one of the most spot-on, incredibly conceptual releases I've heard in a while. Based completely on watching a lava lamp, Daryl's unearthly modular waves ooze and melt in the trademark Pulse Emitter fashion. This one has kind of a "Meditative Music 2" vibe, with crackling pulsations and hollow Elaine Radigue-style drones that transfix as the lamp does. "Starts out pretty cold, then warms up, just like the lamp". Side B represents the lamp in full swing; "Rising Columns, Falling Orbs"... Some of the most ominous and oddly beautiful creep-waves I've ever heard. Just floating by. Guaranteed to turn your brain into an amorphous, shifting blob of wax, and the rest of your body into a statuesque, unable-to-move column of light and water. Mind-boggling and truly spot-on, conceptually. One of my favorite Pulse Emitter joints for sure, could not be more proud to release this. Edition of 100 with full-color cardstock covers and labeled tapes." --Cylindrical Habitat Modules


released July 28, 2010


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